We’re back, baby

Hi everyone,
It’s been quite a few years since you last heard from AudioNerdz, when we made Delay Lama the virtual Tibetan singing monk. It was very nice to see it used so much by so many artists, even Madonna used it on her last album!
Since then we’ve been busy with all sorts of things music-related. [...]

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AudioNerdz TemperTemper

Proud to present:
TemperTemper, the world’s first microdiatonically equal tempered metronome VST instrument.

I thought it would be fun to make a very simple metronome which is ‘in sync’ with the way most musical instruments are tuned. It offers a range of tempos that relate to eachother in the same way as keys on a piano do: [...]

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This site is about the music technology software projects of me, Steven Kruyswijk. I am a proud member of AudioNerdz, the gang that made Delay Lama, the Tibetan Monk VST instrument.