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TemperTemper, the world’s first microdiatonically equal tempered metronome VST instrument.

I thought it would be fun to make a very simple metronome which is ‘in sync’ with the way most musical instruments are tuned. It offers a range of tempos that relate to eachother in the same way as keys on a piano do: with a fixed ratio of about 1.059, which is called ‘equal temperament’. It turns out that when you transpose a central C of about 261 Hz a number of octaves down, you end up with a frequency that’s very close to 122 BPM.

In addition to these low-frequency equivalents of half-step intervals, I also added something I call ‘microdiatones’ in between: each half step contains 7 smaller steps that correspond to the diatonic scale. I have no clue if it makes any sense mathematically, but it does make for a larger choice of tempos, and interesting notations like a tempo of “C do -5″, which I’m sure you’ll find very inspiring ;-)

What can you do with it? Well, I use it to find a nice tempo that suits the riff that happens to live inside my head at any given time, and then manually copy the BPM into my sequencer. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it quite a musical process. I’d love to hear what you think! Please leave a comment for some feedback.

TemperTemper is currently PC only, but an OSX version shouldn’t be far away. Here’s how you install it:

1. get the Cycling ‘74 Pluggo Runtime 3.6.1 package from and install it;
2. get the zipfile here: TemperTemper v1, unzip and copy the .dll to your ‘Pluggo Runtime’ folder which is in the VST plugins folder you specified during step 1;
3. TemperTemper should now be available from your list of VST instruments.

Operating TemperTemper is easy: anything greenish is interactive. You can send any control change to it for controlling the tempo, albeit only the first 128 (or 127? hmm) steps. I might do something fancy like making a MIDI clock output later on.

Have fun! Cheers, Steven

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